Barriers to change

“Change is not made without inconvenience, even from worse to better.”

Richard Hooker

What is stopping you from starting?

Do you know the hardest exercise known to mankind? Taking the first step!

And because of this, it is very common for us to hesitate and put off doing things. Don’t worry, you are not a failure, you are just human. In fact, it is such a common phenomenon, I can guarantee you will recognise any number of the following “barriers” to starting something…Take a look and see which you can recognise in yourself…

  • Lack of self-motivation or support – “It seems like so much work, I can’t do this alone…”
  • Busy schedule, lack of time or not convenient – “I can’t change how I eat right now. I travel a lot, am rushed off my feet and it’s just not convenient at the moment”
  • Difficult emotions/mental health – “I’m going through a difficult time in my life right now, I enjoy comfort food and I can’t deal with even more by going on a diet”
  • Inertia – “I’ve always been like this, I’m not going to change now…”
  • Not wanting to give up current life – “I like socialising with my friends too much!”
  • Lack of knowledge/skills – “I hear so much contradictory advice, I don’t know where to even start!”
  • Home environment/family/friends – “I’m surrounded by food, treats and people who are not interested in changing how they eat.”
  • Too much temptation – “I can hear the chocolates calling to me!”
  • Food tastes – “I don’t like the taste of ‘healthy’ food”
  • Putting it off/lazy – “It sounds like hard work, I will start tomorrow”
  • Environmental barriers – “There is nowhere to get healthy food where I live/work”
  • It’s not high enough on my to-do list – “I already eat well. I’m not unhealthy. I’m happy as I am.”
  • Making excuses – Any or all of the above plus countless more…

Divide and conquer

To prevent these barriers stopping us from getting what we want, we need to identify and overcome them one by one. A few smaller problems are easier to deal with than one big one.


So this is how we are going to do this.

Use the document below to help you identify and overcome any barriers from healthy eating.

You can either:

  • Download and print it out for free.
  • Hire me to coach you through it and you will get online versions we can work through together by clicking here.