Kitchen overhaul

Set up your kitchen for success

Being in a good environment helps us keep our eating on track. Just imagine how difficult it would be to eat well if we lived in a cake shop!

So let’s see if we can make our kitchen as friendly and helpful environment as possible.

“If it’s in the kitchen, at some point it will get used”.

Basics of a good kitchen

Keep healthy stuff near and convenient.

Make it as easy as possible to do and choose the right things. Why make it any harder for yourself than it needs to be?

Keep unhealthy stuff out of sight and inconvenient.

Make sure you have to jump through a few hoops to do and choose the wrong things. If they are not helping you in your new lifestyle, you don’t need it near you.

Traffic light foods

What are Red, Yellow and Green foods?

Red foods/drinks

These are just bad news for you. Maybe you are a sucker for them. Or you can easily overindulge in them. They may be so good but you always feel sick afterwards. You know these are your triggers and you fall for them all the time.

Red = Nope! Or at the very least, very rarely on very special occasions.

Yellow foods/drinks

These are foods/drinks that can sometimes be ok, sometimes not. Maybe you can control yourself around them in certain situations or at certain times, but other times you need to be careful.

Yellow = Caution! Be careful. Only ok for occasional treat.

Green foods/drinks

These are foods that are nutritious and make you feel good physically and emotionally. You can control yourself around these and you are in charge. They don’t exert a hold over you.

Green = Get stuck in! These should be the backbone of almost all your meals.

Organisation and systems in your kitchen

Some simple systems in our kitchen help us eat better more of the time. Just some of these systems include:

Shopping list

Don’t get caught by the marketing and sales technique in the shops. Write a shopping list in advance when you are in a happy mood with lots of willpower. Then stick to that shopping list in the shop. Don’t let yourself get tempted, even if it is “a bargain”!

Prioritising visibility

Using the traffic light system above, make sure food you want to eat regularly is stored front and centre in the kitchen. If that bowl of fruit is hidden away out of sight, you can bet it will just end up rotting!

Prepare in advance

One of the great attractions of junk food is it’s convenience. After a hard day in work, often it is just too much effort to make a good meal from scratch. So on the weekend, prep your good food for the coming week. Cook up batches of food you can then stick in the freezer/fridge. Or cut up your veggies and store them ready to eat at a moments notice.

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail…”

To help you plan ahead, click here to learn more


Use the following template and take it around your kitchen. Follow the instructions and give your kitchen an overhaul!

You can either:

  • Download and print it out for free.
  • Hire me to coach you through it and you will get online versions we can work through together by clicking here.